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Weddings, as if Relationship Matters…

At the heart of weddings: Relationship!

Beneath the surface of typical wedding photography there is a story of two people becoming one in a special relationship.  The clothes, the food, the music and other trappings are just the surface of what is really happening.  There is more than the formal commitment and legal signatures.  How does the photographer reach out and discover this story?

As the photographer, I step try to step into the wedding event without upsetting the relationship dynamics.  I compose pictures, using light and the surrounding landscape to augment the unfolding story of the bride, the groom and guests.

Renee & Jeremy


The First Toast

The toast that is passed around to all the friends.

Passing the "Boot"

The cake that gives us some sweet joy.

It  is hard to photograph a relationship. So…how do I  picture… a heart?

How do I capture intimacy? What is the real teddy bear story in sister’s toast?

How do I capture a parent’s whispers during the dance?

This is my job…to document the wedding in photos. Other may do it in videos, in poetry and prose, and if you are lucky, in your very own song written for your ceremony and first dance as a married couple.

Good photographers can find their way into making of great relationship photographs.  We can open the door that shows the one heart beating and talking to the other.  This is a special place and a precious place; a place to hold reverently.  I welcome the occasion. I am honored to be present in a sometimes intensely personal moment.  Then there is enough trust between myself and the couple, the relationship shines, telling a very rich story…

These are the images that stay arround and define our lives.   These images will last. They are the glimpses to the future, and they are our identity with the past.

These photos are the “Glimpses of the Heart.”


High School Senior Photo Special

Tasha At the Old Wenatchee River Bridge

Class of 2012:
Icicle Valley Photography Basic Senior Session $199
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Concentrating on a genuine look, photographer Reed Carlson wants to portray you in a relaxed and fresh way in our natural world. Our environment here in Leavenworth provides plenty of rivers, parks, and mountain backdrops to do just that; nothing painted in, no artificial backgrounds, no overdone glitz that hides the real you! Or visit our in town business location for classically composed studio portraits.
Encourage your best friend or a parent to attend your photo session. They will bring out your many facets, connect with that real you. And we can also invite them to sit with you in a pose.
Icicle Valley Photography Studio, located on the east end of Leavenworth, Washington, has easy access for persons of all ages and lots of parking. Give us a call at 509-548-0606 for information.


A Winter Wedding at Mountain Springs Resort

Michael & Kelsie wanted a small & special wedding near Leavenworth; they could not have picked a more wintry and beautiful setting.  Mountain Springs Resort hosts weddings all year round, catering to a wide variety of special events.

Mountain Springs Resort, winter Weddings

Sleigh Ride

Kelsie wanted an outdoor wedding even though this was in the middle of December.  It was going to have special challenges with the ceremony and small reception, to say nothing of just getting there.  Taking a sleigh ride to get the ceremony site was the first challenge.  And it was snowing,–really snowing!  The middle of the afternoon was fading into the late part of the day, with no clearing in sight…

Winter wedding Mountain Springs
Going to the Ceremony

The sleigh horses were gentle giants, the snowflakes were wet and growing, and the groom was wanting to get on with the wedding!

Kelsie at the Sleigh

The site selected, the ceremony officient makes the event happen with ease, and good humor, even as the snow flakes grow more numerous.

Kelsie & Michael's Ceremony

 They off to the barn shelter for a few pictures, before getting back on the sleigh.

Escaping the Snow

A first married moment  outside, looking for a kiss…

Looking for a kiss in the storm...

Then Michael and Kelsie go off  to their dinner with family & friends, to the Brown’s Family Homestead, a pioneer cabin not far away from the Resort…

On the Sleigh at the Wedding


Kelsie’s Best Friends at the wedding


 The flowers and rings–drying out at last..

Flowers and Rings

A champagne toast…

A Toast...

...For Two!

And the Brown’s Homestead becomes a cozy retreat for snowy wedding night!

The cozy Brown's cabin offers shelter from the Storm, on the wedding night!

November 2022