Jim & Teri’s Wedding

It started out to be a small event for Jim and Teri.  Just a private wedding with family: a short ceremony

in a bed and breakfast owned by friends, and a dinner out in Leavenworth.  A winter wedding,

with some simple colors, snow for the kids, and special friends.  And then the wedding grew a bit…


A wedding for a couple who know what they want and value.  Daughters and friends come to help get ready.

IMG_6173    IMG_6175 

IMG_6161     IMG_6460

Careful choice of colors, dresses, and details make the celebration special.

   IMG_6429   IMG_6431   IMG_6435

The sky cleared and revealed a gorgeous view of the valley below Haus Rohrbach, the cozy inn that hosted the wedding.  The Inn had a deck facing east, away from the flank of  Tumwater Mountain where it perched with a bird’s eye view of the valley below.  The wedding is simple, but Teri and Jim wanted  the openness of the view and the fresh air to make their wedding unique.  It is the first week of February and the forecast was for cold clear skies.  A few decorations on the railing, a chair for a friend playing a guitar, and a respectful crowd gathered to wish the couple a great start to their life together.

                         IMG_6471    IMG_6171    IMG_6145

The ceremony is simple, the bride arrives in the arm of her son,

and the music floats in  the cold air like the aroma of fine barbecued ribs on the fire.

IMG_6215   IMG_6227   IMG_6481

The vows are simple the hugs are warm and the bride quickly poses for some photos before air temperature drops again.

                        IMG_6319     IMG_6274      IMG_6281



Inside where it is warm, the cake is cut the glasses filled and the families introduce themselves.

  IMG_6363   IMG_6521   IMG_6443

IMG_6524    IMG_6525

                    IMG_6554     IMG_6383

A few family portraits are really all that is left to do before supper in town, and the winter night becomes new…


IMG_6242    IMG_6270


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