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Ashaya and Will’s Wedding

Mountain Springs Lodge near Leavenworth is the perfect place to hide away for a winter wedding with family and friends.  When Ashaya and Will chose the location, they wanted a rustic yet well run host with great food and great staff.  They got all of that and more at Mountain Springs. The large Beaver Creek Lodge is one of the finest places in the valley to have a celebration.  The afternoon light streamed into the fireside room and made the bride totally radiant.

IMG_4883-23     IMG_2794-14     IMG_2779-11

The upstairs Suite was the perfect place to get dressed and have some time alone with family.

My assistant photographer Lori was able to get some previews of the bride before coming down the stairs.

The covered deck and walkways were clear of snow, and ready to welcome Ashaya escorted by Grandfather Ron.

IMG_3908   IMG_4945-48  IMG_5831

Groom Will was patient and glowing as his bride arrived at the center of the ceremony. A simple ceremony

with a special song sung by a cousin during the lighting of the unity candle was sweet and meaningful.

IMG_5913   IMG_5909

Rings and vows followed, and the pronouncement of the married couple Ashaya and Will.

IMG_3955  IMG_5815  IMG_5831

A few moments for a kiss and a big embrace, and then out the door to the cool crisp evening in the snow.

IMG_3968  IMG_3971

Some intimate moments alone before the reception and with a few warm hugs to fend off the chill.

IMG_5936      IMG_3977      IMG_5940

Some formals with the family are in order, and will be done inside near the lodge’s grand fireplace.

IMG_4003    IMG_4005    IMG_4088

The rings and a special party favor: Custom tied flies for the guests to go fishing with.

IMG_4128   IMG_4134

The cake from Busy newlyweds Cakes was great!  Grandpa Ron added the Topper.

IMG_4148    IMG_4257   IMG_4142

Toasts were sweet, with Grandpa saying:

“The most important thing was that my Grand-daughter asked me to walk her down the aisle.”

IMG_5267-307    IMG_4231

A dance for the Newly-weds and then with parents finished out the night.

IMG_4282   IMG_4310

IMG_5233-287    IMG_2911-49

Thanks to Lori Rowles from Natural Perspectives Photography in Leavenworth for helping on this wedding.

And thanks to those great people at Mountain Springs for the facilities, food and overall professional work.


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