Scottish Lakes: The Ride Up, and Snow Play!

High Camp recreation

The snowmobile ride is half the fun

Getting to the Scottish Lakes High Camp is half the fun.  Located at 5000 feet in the North Central Cascades, the trip up is accomplished with four wheel drive trucks and a fleet of snowmobiles with talented drivers.  Owners Don and Chris Hanson pick their staff carefully ensuring you of a safe and friendly trip from the valley floor parking lot to the Base Camp below McCue Ridge.

High Camp Family Weekend

Tag Sleeps on the way up

High Camp Weekend

Bundled for the Ride

If you are lucky you will have a warm clear day to get there, since the ride can be cold and windy. Following miles of forest roads, the landscape alternately is heavily timbered and then open as previously logged hillsides show vast gently rolling terrain, just beckoning for skis or snowshoes to lay down new tracks.

High Camp

The Snowmobile Parade


Buildings greet the travelers at High Camp


Snow suits all day


Getting into the outdoors


Out of control fun!


Going down the hill with Dad!


A little help from Dad.


Bigger sleds for bigger boys

As soon as the travelers get to the cabins, an assortment of activities are calling to them from the surrounding woods and slopes. Rides are fun, but getting a ride is better.  We engage friends and share the little slopes about the camp.


Big people like small sleds


Dad offers a taste treat

All the kids get into the act with help from friends, and a little fresh taste treat from Dad.


1 Response to “Scottish Lakes: The Ride Up, and Snow Play!”

  1. 1 Lori
    January 26, 2013 at 7:47 am

    Thank you so much, Reed! It was a pleasure working with you in such a beautiful setting. And, what a lovely couple too! All the best…

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