A Winter Wedding at Mountain Springs Resort

Michael & Kelsie wanted a small & special wedding near Leavenworth; they could not have picked a more wintry and beautiful setting.  Mountain Springs Resort hosts weddings all year round, catering to a wide variety of special events.

Mountain Springs Resort, winter Weddings

Sleigh Ride

Kelsie wanted an outdoor wedding even though this was in the middle of December.  It was going to have special challenges with the ceremony and small reception, to say nothing of just getting there.  Taking a sleigh ride to get the ceremony site was the first challenge.  And it was snowing,–really snowing!  The middle of the afternoon was fading into the late part of the day, with no clearing in sight…

Winter wedding Mountain Springs
Going to the Ceremony

The sleigh horses were gentle giants, the snowflakes were wet and growing, and the groom was wanting to get on with the wedding!

Kelsie at the Sleigh

The site selected, the ceremony officient makes the event happen with ease, and good humor, even as the snow flakes grow more numerous.

Kelsie & Michael's Ceremony

 They off to the barn shelter for a few pictures, before getting back on the sleigh.

Escaping the Snow

A first married moment  outside, looking for a kiss…

Looking for a kiss in the storm...

Then Michael and Kelsie go off  to their dinner with family & friends, to the Brown’s Family Homestead, a pioneer cabin not far away from the Resort…

On the Sleigh at the Wedding


Kelsie’s Best Friends at the wedding


 The flowers and rings–drying out at last..

Flowers and Rings

A champagne toast…

A Toast...

...For Two!

And the Brown’s Homestead becomes a cozy retreat for snowy wedding night!

The cozy Brown's cabin offers shelter from the Storm, on the wedding night!


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