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This Time, My Wedding is Going Be Different…

A recent bride/client of mine came to me with a comment:  “My first wedding we did all the wrong stuff:  the endless posed and trite pictures of dozens of groups, my hair in a huge set of curls that took hours to complete, a three foot high cake with 10 pounds of frosting, a two minute ceremony with no real content, and  the obnoxious loud DJ.  This time we are going to do it different.”

This time our wedding is going to dwell in the moment.  We are going to surround ourselves with family & friends and honor them.  They have come long distances to be with us.  We want to create a special place for them, where they can form a circle of warmth around us.  We want to look into their faces and hear their voices.  We want to be serenaded with their instruments, and listen to their song. We want to listen to their stories about us, their joyful toasts, and their dreams for us.

Gathering in The Quail Room

We want a simple wedding, a meaningful wedding.  We want our pastor friend  to officiate, and to talk with us, not just “marry us.”  We want our fathers to bless  us, join us and bless us in their own way.  I want my mother to be taken care of, and not work all day!  We want a remote very private location, with great hospitality.  We will have just our closest family & friends, and we want them to be with us for not a couple of hours, but a couple of days.

We will have a great feast after the wedding; we will sample the richness of the local harvest.  We will have a diversity of foods for the diversity of our friends.  We want to have the best chef in the village, listen to our ideas, and create a special meal event that will not be duplicated for anyone else .

We will have photographs of the events of the day.  All the special unique things  that are not documented on other days. Before the ceremony, we will explore the surroundings of the venue, and take time with each other.   We want the ceremony, and reception visually documented, so that the pictures can be keys to remembering all the little things.  We want the children in our lives to be in the photos, so that they can be frozen for  an instant, being children.

And we want to have photos just of us, alone, showing our love and joy of each other.  We to be natural, not posed, not styled, and prompted, but encouraged to be ourselves, so  that our children can see us and understand us forever…


January 2011